Rugged Adventures Policies

1. Required Physical Abilities for All Campers

   To have a positive experience at Rugged Adventures campers must be able to keep up with the group in a variety of outdoor activities. All campers must be able to swim, bike (at a leisurely pace but without training wheels) the length of the Stowe Rec path (about 5 miles), and hike something comparable to the Stowe Pinnacle (about 2 miles). CAMPERS WHO DO NOT REASONABLY MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS POLICY MAY BE REMOVED FROM CAMP. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED TO CAMPERS WHO ARE REMOVED UNDER THIS POLICY.

2. Camper Behavior Policy

All campers are expected to behave appropriately at all times and to participate in all activities. If a child becomes disruptive, they will be temporarily separated from the group. If disruptive behavior continues, a parent will be called to help resolve the situation. We may call parents on first offenses if behavior is egregious. If behavior does not improve, or in cases of physical aggression, the child may be sent home, and/or barred from future attendance. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GRANTED WHEN A CHILD IS REMOVED FROM CAMP FOR BEHAVIOR POLICY VIOLATIONS.

3. Payment Policy

   Rugged Adventures accepts payments by cash or check ($US only), or by credit card through PayPal. Payment is due at the time of registration, and no registration is confirmed until payment is received. ALL SALES ARE FINAL EXCPET AS OUTLINED IN THE REFUND POLICY BELOW.

4. Refund Policy

   Campers who cancel 60 or more days before their scheduled start of camp will receive a full refund, minus credit card processing fees (typically about 3%). Within 60 days, no refunds will be given unless an unforeseen medical issue precludes the camper's attendance. In these cases, refunds may be given at Rugged Adventures' discretion.

5. Camp Hours (early drop-off or late pickup)

   Rugged Adventures' regular day camp hours are 9am to 4pm. Drop off window is 9am - 9:15am, pickup window is 3:45pm to 4pm. We also have extended hours, 8:30am to 4:30pm, availabe for an additional fee. We use the time before and after camp for our staff to prepare, and are respectful of our employees' time. If you need special consideration on a given day, please let us know. With reasonable notice, we are happy to try to accomodate special situations. We allow a 15 minute grace period outside the windows listed above. Any amount of time beyond that grace period is considered a violation of this policy. First violations of this policy will recieve an official warning. Subsequent violations are subject to charge at the following rates:

15 minutes (minimum charge) - $50

30+ minutes - $2/minute

    Repeated, or intentional, violations of this policy may lead to removal from camp with NO REFUND.

6. Bike Mechanical Issues

    Breakdowns are difficult because they force our staff to go one-on-one with the impacted camper. We know that these things happen, and we will do our best to notify families of any mechanical issues we discover with a camper's bike. If we notify you of a mechanical issue, we expect that you will make a good faith effort to address it before the next biking day. We reserve the right to remove campers from camp with NO REFUND if known bike issues are not addressed promptly.

7. Communication/Privacy Policy

    By signing up for Rugged Adventures programs, you agree to receive periodic email correspondance related to the camp. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time. We will not sell, or otherwise distribute, your contact information.