The program builds maturity by introducing responsibilities, and is great training for kids who may want to eventually become paid counselors, or those just looking for another fun and rewarding summer camp experience.

    With a few days per week on their own adventures with the BKiT crew, it's the perfect mix of responsibilities and fun!

    The BKiT program is available during select weeks. Kids this age are also encouraged to attend our overnight trips, since they are designed for older campers.

   Our "Big Kids in Training" (BKiT) program is designed for 12 and 13-year-olds, as a bridge between camp years and summer employment. Unlike other counselor-in-training programs, our BKiT split their time between working with younger campers, and embarking on their own adventures with older peers. Participants get to have fun with their friends, while gaining valuable experience working with younger children, and learning from our professional staff.  

   We will hold our BKiT to a high standard, and expect them to take their position seriously. To ensure that BKiT candidates are invested in the process, we will ask each candidate to submit a brief written summary of why they think they'd be a good fit for the BKiT program.

  All weeks are currenly on

waiting list for BKiT.

Please email us to join the waiting list.